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CRNK: Designing a ride.

CRNK is an abbreviation of Crank, and it is an essential component driving bicycles and motorcycles. With the development of CRNK in field of riding ,it has been a fast to establish itself as a sport and culture company. As such, CRNK is rapidly growing as a core brand in the helmet industry and has aspirations to become a leading brand in riding culture and trends, and strives to become a core driving part for many athletes.


Pioneering a new trend in riding and provides a high-quality experience.

CRNK constantly strives to develop high-quality and trendy design products. In order to be better , the continuous relationship with customers and feedback are regarded as invaluable market research data, utilise digital marketing, which is the main drive to grow our presence further.

This enabled us to change the status quo of the industry, which is dominated by hi-end and traditional brands, attracting not only bicycle enthusiasts but also the general public, which enabled CRNK to be ranked #1 in Korea's domestic online shopping. Since the inception of brank CRNK, the brand has grown tremendously at 200-300% annually.

Furthermore, CRNK is moving forward in the market by building trust and cooperation with partners through thought marketing and a smooth delivery process. This enables CRNK to innovate to change the rules of the game.

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